Mid Wales Bowling Association

Affiliated to the Welsh Bowling Association

Open Pairs 2024

To be played at Llandrindod

Round1 Round 2 Round 3 Semi-Final Final
3rd May 6.30pm 4th May 10.00am 4th May 2.00pm 10th June 13th July
A Davies, T Williams, K) 19 A Davies,
T Williams, (K)
10 S Jones,
S Roff (LL)
19 S Jones,
S Roff (LL)
R Millichamp, R Davies (P) 10 
G O'Keefe, B Lister (P) S Jones,
S Roff (LL)
S Jones, S Roff (LL) w/o 
A Price, F Price (LL)

E Jelfs,
A Morris (L)

20 E Jelfs,
A Morris (LL)
E Jelfs, A Morris (LL) 23 
S Gething, S Langley (T) w/o  S Gething,
S Langley (T)
M Jones, L Griffiths (Bu)
B Morris, S Taylor (R) K Daly,
N Smith (R)
16 K Daly,
N Smith (R)
10 K Stephens,
R Davies (LL)
K Daly, N Smith (R) 39 
J Bicknell, J Bicknell (K) 13  P Johnson,
G Worsley (Bu)
P Johnson, G Worsley (Bu) 15 
M Padmore, T Jones (T) 17  G Lawrence,
R Wall (Bu)
7 K Stephens,
R Davies (LL)
G Lawrence, R Wall (Bu) 22 
D Petley, S Hammond (LL) 10  K Stephens,
R Davies (LL)
K Stephens, R Davies (LL) 30 
D Powell, J Powell (LL) 24  D Powell,
J Powell (LL)
21 D Powell,
J Powell (LL)
13 S Jones,
S Rhodes (T)
J James, J Dackers (Bu) 11 
M Weiland, J Dodds (P) 34  M Weiland,
J Dodds (P)
A Brick, E Manuel (K)
J Gibbs, T Huffer (K) 19  J Gibbs,
T Huffer (K)
17 S Jones,
S Rhodes (T)
K Jones, D Gorman (P) 12 
R Ahrens, W Funnell (T) 11  S Jones,
S Rhodes (T)
S Jones, S Rhodes (T) 19 
I Price, C Davies (R) A Bates,
S Lloyd (Bu)
34 A Bates,
S Lloyd (Bu)
21 A Bates,
S Lloyd (Bu)
A Bates, S Lloyd (Bu) 26 
D Weale, R Weale (P) 16  R Hodgson,
V Arnold (K)
R Hodgson, V Arnold (K) 17 
    J Raftree, R Price (P) 21 J Raftree,
R Price (P)
    J Carpenter, J BUfton (LL) 18


  • All games to be played at the times and dates shown at Llandrindod Wells